311 S Wacker

Property Description
Fully built out cafe space at the base of a 1.3M SF office building.

Available Space
- 886 sf
- 1,124 sf

Building Retail Tenants
Chipotle, Halsted Street Deli, Kamehachi and Pazzo's.

Area Retail Tenants
Amazon Go, Hannah's Bretzel, Giordanos, Corner Bakery, Town House, Pret-A-Manger, Protein Bar, Roti Mediterranean Grill, South Branch, Hot Woks Cool Sushi, Mezza Grill and E*Trade.

Daily Pedestrian Traffic
Per weekday, an estimated 8,100 pedestrians on Jackson, 3,600 pedestrians on Wacker, 3,300 pedestrians on Van Buren and 2,500 pedestrians on Franklin.

Please call.

John Vance
500 W Monroe
30 N LaSalle