311 S. Wacker

Property Description
Fully built out cafe space at the base of a 1.3M SF office building.

Available Space
886 sf
1,124 sf

Building Retail Tenants
Chipotle, Halsted Street Deli, Kamehachi and Pazzo's.

Area Retail Tenants
Amazon Go, Hannah's Bretzel, Giordanos, Corner Bakery, Town House, Pret-A-Manger, Protein Bar, Roti Mediterranean Grill, South Branch, Hot Woks Cool Sushi, Mezza Grill and E*Trade.

Daily Pedestrian Traffic
Per weekday, an estimated 8,100 pedestrians on Jackson, 3,600 pedestrians on Wacker, 3,300 pedestrians on Van Buren and 2,500 pedestrians on Franklin.

Please call.

John Vance
500 W. Monroe
30 N. LaSalle